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6 Shocking Reasons Why Poor Sleep Is A Nightmare For Your Health

‘After sixteen hours of being awake, the brain begins to fail. Humans need more than seven
hours of sleep each night to maintain cognitive performance.’

Matthew Walker, Why We Sleep

We all know how incredible a good night’s sleep can make us feel. But, unfortunately, many of us also know how bad it feels when we cannot nod off – no matter how much we may toss and turn. According to the NHS, up to one-third of us may suffer from poor sleep! As we’ll discover in this article, some of the consequences can be sinister.

The National Sleep Foundation advises that people tend to need 7 to 9 hours of sleep in order to be healthy. However, in this hectic modern world, that advice can be something of a pipe dream for many of us. At best, a lack of sleep can be an inconvenience that makes us feel grumpy the following day. At worst, it can be seriously damaging to our overall health. These risks are often overlooked by many people, but you can avoid making this mistake. In reality, missing out on sleep may potentially prove to be one of your biggest long-term regrets. In this article are six shocking reasons why poor sleep is potentially dangerous. We’ll also explore what we can do to help ensure that we get enough sleep in the future. Let’s get started.

Weight Gain 

Many people do not realise that sleep – or lack thereof – affects the levels of two hormones known as leptin and ghrelin. These, in turn, affect our appetites and eating habits. In a nutshell, leptin helps us know when we’ve had enough to eat. When we’re overly tired, our brains produce less leptin and more ghrelin, which makes us feel hungry! Consequently, people who forgo sleep often end up overindulging in snacks and eating more than they need – leading to weight gain. In the long term, this may potentially lead to obesity and more serious health issues.

Issues With Memory 

If we do not get enough hours of rest each night, we can struggle with our memory. Sleep is not only vital for feeling refreshed and recharging our batteries but it also plays a vital role in our brain’s capacity to remember. Experts at WebMD say that proper sleep helps us keep important details in mind so that we can refer to them in the future. Not only is our short-term memory affected, but shockingly, our long-term memory can be as well.

Increased Risk Of Accidents 

Another damaging effect of sleep deprivation is the increased likelihood of accidents. If we are drowsy or not fully alert, the chances of road incidents increase as well as a heightened risk of accidents within the home. This is because our coordination, balance and reaction times suffer when we’re tired. Did you know that drowsiness can impair our reflexes as much as driving drunk? Furthermore, lack of sleep has contributed to many disastrous workplace events throughout history, including the nuclear meltdown in Chernobyl in 1986.

Risk Of Diabetes And Heart Disease

When we do not sleep enough, the levels of insulin that are released in our bodies are likely to drop. Insulin is a blood sugar-lowering hormone. As a result, a persistent lack of sleep can lead to high blood sugar levels and even put you at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Heart disease is also a real danger, as sleeplessness may aggravate your blood pressure and possibly lead to higher levels of chemicals that can trigger inflammation. 

Increase In Mental Health Struggles 

It may not be surprising to learn that our psychological state is also affected by the amount of sleep we get. Our physical wellbeing is not the only area that suffers when we don’t sleep enough. Our mental health can be compromised too. Disturbances in sleep have been known to worsen mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. There has always been a correlation between psychological issues and loss of sleep. Mental illness can hinder a person’s ability to relax and sleep. However, more worryingly, some researchers suggest poor sleep may impact how different mental health struggles start and evolve. 

Life Expectancy Shortened 

Most shocking of all, if we do not get the rest that our body needs, our life expectancy has been proven to decrease significantly in the long term. A recent study confirmed that sleeping for less than five hours per night on a continual basis may almost double your risk of developing heart disease (which can be fatal). If we do not get enough rest each day, then our potential for experiencing health problems will increase. This can lead to life-threatening conditions further along the road. 

What Can We Do?

So, now that we know just how risky a continual lack of sleep can be, what can we do about it? What can people who suffer from poor sleep actively do to protect their health and settle down each night? There are various lifestyle changes that may help to set us up for success – from exercise and mindfulness to routine-building and healthy eating. There has also been a wide range of endorsements for different products and ideas claiming to be the ultimate solution. Night Caps (organic sleeping capsules created by Yawns) may be worthy of a spot on your bedside table.

Our dedicated experts have developed an exclusive supplement featuring some iconic ingredients. Our formula is inspired by nature, with a diverse range of exotic, plant-sourced extracts. All of the ingredients are completely organic, and they have each been selected carefully in light of their beneficial qualities. Each sleeping capsule contains Ashwagandha powder, Valerian root powder, Griffonia seed extract, and Black pepper powder. 

Below we can take a brief glimpse into their properties:

  • Ashwagandha powder: An ancient herb that may help manage stress symptoms, reduce blood sugar levels and influence testosterone levels and fertility in men. This herb has also been linked to easing some mental health symptoms (such as signs of depression). It may also impact your natural brain function and influence some signs of inflammation and cholesterol. Pretty amazing, right? 
  • Valerian root powder: This is traditionally known to help sleep and may also reduce some symptoms of anxiety.
  • Griffonia seed extract: These seeds may potentially reduce migraine frequency and help you to sleep soundly. And if these benefits aren’t enough, Griffonia seeds may also have the potential to aid weight loss efforts and impact serotonin levels (a hormone that helps to fight signs of depression).
  • Black pepper powder: A spice that is high in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It may also affect your brain function, blood sugar levels, and some cholesterol-related symptoms. 

We can see from the properties of these ingredients that they are well suited to nighttime routines and may even have the potential to impact your general sense of wellbeing. The packaging of the capsules is also completely see-through – just like the transparency of our ingredients list. We don’t have anything to hide!

From this article, we have learned just how vital regular and sufficient sleeping routines are for our health and wellbeing. We’ve also reviewed some of the grim ways that poor sleep can ruin our day-to-day lives. With so many diverse products out there claiming to be the next big thing, it can be overwhelming to search for one that is right for you. Night Caps are in a league of their own – promising all-natural ingredients, countless potential wellbeing benefits and complete transparency. These capsules are designed to help you take action in your wider efforts to protect one of the most important routines in your life: your sleep cycle.