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Meet Yawns

Welcome! We’re Yawns.

We’re believers in the power of good rest, balance and real organic ingredients. Nature offers us powerful tools to sleep well, perform better and achieve anything we set our minds to. With a dash of science, we’ve composed the perfect range to ignite your new day.

Our Values

Commitment to quality

We devote our time searching for the best and highest quality ingredients. We don’t skip corners when it comes to your health.

Improving Lives

Yawns exists to improve our health and wellbeing. We spend more time sleeping than any other activity, it’s our first and foremost focus.

Passion to be the best

Everyday we aim to be better than yesterday. We strive to reach higher, jump further and help more people.

Meet The Team


CEO & Co-Founder

Athletic sportsman searching for the best natural supplements to improve performance


CTO and Co- Founder

New Dad, currently finding sleep between feeds and crossfit


Head of Growth

Morning person, 8 hours of sleep and a book before bed every night


Customer Success

Gym, Customers Success, Sleep, repeat. Has a mean ping-pong serve


Paid Marketing

Creative Strategist and Sleep Wizard. Dreams about Facebook and Google Ads Managers.


Brand Marketing

Day Caps, every day. Interested in the power of health mushrooms

Alison Anandi Francis

Sleep Specialist

Yawns' sleep expert with over 30 years experience.

Anandi (Alison Francis) has been in the wellness field for 30 years, drawing from Ayurveda and Yogic
Science. She’s the creator of Sleepology by Anandi®, a new wellbeing process and in-depth enquiry into the causes of stress, exhaustion and sleep issues. Anandi is the author of ‘Breathe Better Sleep Better’ which explains how to use the breath as a healing tool, not just for sleep, but for wellbeing as a whole. Anandi works with those who are struggling with just about everything and in particular sleep.



Researcher, sleeper, writer, editor, high performer


Store Manager

Keeps the Yawns website running day and night


Store Manager

Makes sure your order makes it to your doorstep