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Poor Sleep Doesn’t Have To Devastate Your Relationship (At Least, Not When You Follow These Top Tips)

Poor sleep is bad enough when you’re sleeping alone or dealing with your independent day-to-day life. Adding a partner into the mix means that any issues that either of you are facing can have some serious knock-on effects on your relationship. At best, we wake up the next morning feeling tired, sluggish and distracted. At worst, tiredness can trigger bitter arguments, damage your health, and may even make you want to throw the towel in. But it doesn’t have to be this way! This article will offer some great tips to help keep you and your other half happy, content and most importantly, well-rested.

Sleep is essential and plays an integral role in our health. It gives the body time to rest and allows it to recover and get ready to take on each new day. Unfortunately, many of us simply don’t get enough hours of sleep each night. In fact, on average, people in the UK get under 6 hours and 20 minutes of rest each weeknight. But most healthy adults should aim to get between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. Therefore, many of us are not giving our bodies enough rest. Furthermore, 50% of Brits say they struggle to sleep due to stress and agitation.

So, with many of us struggling to nod off at night, just why is poor sleep so harmful to relationships? Let’s consider some of the reasons below.

Your Emotions Are Out Of Sorts When You’re Tired

When you’re deprived of sleep, the amygdala (the part of your brain that ties emotions to memories) doesn’t function as it should. It could either release more neurotransmitters, leading you to overreact, or fewer neurotransmitters, which stops you from noticing other people’s emotions.

Essentially, when we are sleep deprived, we are much more likely to overreact to situations that normally wouldn’t phase us. Minor problems can seem huge, and our reactions are amplified. As a result, this can lead to more conflict and ultimately less satisfying relationships. Furthermore, some studies show that people who do not sleep well may be more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and general sadness. What makes it worse is that often, we don’t realise that we’re blowing things out of proportion. Interestingly, some studies indicate that men are more likely to fight with their partners after one night of disturbed sleep, and couples have more arguments after two weeks of less than seven hours of sleep.

Our Top Tips

  • Next time you get easily irritated or anxious, consider how you slept over the last few nights. Realising that you might be overreacting can help diffuse a potential situation with your partner.
  • Save serious conversations for when you feel more rested. When we get enough sleep, we generally make better decisions, have a better ability to listen and concentrate, and we tend to be more patient. These are all positive traits in a happy relationship.

Poor Sleep Can Make You Feel Tired And Unwell

When we do not get enough sleep regularly, we may be more vulnerable to various health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, depression and obesity. Not only that, but we are at an increased risk of catching colds. All of these issues can prevent you from going out and socialising with your partner. Over time, missing out on plans such as dinners because you feel unwell can really wear down a relationship. This is especially true if your partner needs to take care of you, as this can cause them a lot of stress and impact their mental health negatively. If your partner has sleep problems, you may be able to relate to this struggle.

Try to approach sleep as a way of investing in your relationship (and yourself).

Different Sleep Schedules Can Cause Conflict

alarm clock on the Night Table in the bedroom

If you and your partner have alternating life patterns, this can also be a cause of tension. It can be hard to arrange meeting mutual friends or going to events together because you have different work schedules and probably differing sleep routines. Therefore, it can become almost impossible for you to spend quality time together. 

Our Top Tips 

  • Write any plans you have on a shared calendar. This way, both you and your partner are aware of what events are coming up for you as a couple, and you can ensure that you’re prepared and that you don’t forget! A common side effect of sleep is often poor memory, so writing plans down can aid communication and make sure that key details don’t slip your mind and cause unnecessary conflict later.
  • To secure more time together, consider compromising. Try to be flexible if you and your partner have conflicting work schedules. Small, meaningful efforts like this can go a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship and improving communication. However, on the other side of the coin, make sure you respect your partner’s need for sleep and avoid sacrificing too much of your own rest in exchange for communication. Sleep is very important, as we have seen. It’s all about finding the perfect balance.

Poor Sleep Can Lead To An Unsatisfying Sex Life

When we do not get enough rest, our sex drive can be negatively impacted. If we are tired, we are less likely to want to engage in sexual activity with a partner. This can cause strain on a relationship. More sleep often equates to increased sexual desire and, therefore, more likelihood of enjoying intimacy and passion with your partner.

Therefore, try to stick to a regular and sensible sleep routine. Consider setting an alarm on your phone when it’s time to start winding down for the night. Also, do what you can to fall asleep and get up at the same time each day. This will help to establish a rhythm and it’s likely to have a positive impact on your love life too.

People Who Sleep Well Are Considered More Attractive

According to a Swedish study, the less sleep we get, the less attractive we are perceived to be. Before and after photos of people who experienced different amounts of sleep over time were rated by strangers. The study found that when these individuals were sleep-deprived, they were rated as significantly less attractive and, in some cases, looked ill.

A good night’s sleep is one of the most accessible ways to look your best.

So, what can we do to help ensure that we get the right amount of sleep that we need each night? While following the tips we mentioned above is a good place to start, a new supplement by Yawns could be a way to show your nighttime routine (and your restless partner) some love.

Give Your Partner The Gift Of Sleep

Night Caps are sleeping capsules that have been specially crafted to help you and your partner get off to a peaceful sleep each night – whilst using only natural ingredients. Not only this, but each snug capsule is wholly organic and full of desirable plant extracts. Let’s have a look at what you can hope to find in our formula:

  • Ashwagandha powder: This specially selected ingredient may help influence your natural hormone levels, impact your blood sugar levels and potentially help you to manage stress symptoms. It could also affect low moods, cholesterol and signs of inflammation too!
  • Griffonia seed extract: Griffonia seeds originate from the beans of a vine native to Africa. They can potentially influence your self-care routine and may impact serotonin levels (a hormone that helps to fight signs of depression and affects how we feel). These seeds may also reduce the frequency of migraines and help you to sleep more peacefully.
  • Black pepper powder: This ingredient you will definitely be familiar with, especially in the kitchen, but not like this. This spice is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It may also affect your blood sugar levels and cholesterol-related symptoms. 

When it comes to Yawns and our sleep capsules, you’ll know exactly what you are taking, and there is nothing to hide. We have spent months creating our unique formula to make it as promising as possible, and every extract we’ve featured is of premium quality. Isn’t it time for you to fall even more in love with your partner and your bed?

As we have seen in this article, sleep deprivation can spell trouble for relationships. Neurologist Christopher Winter goes as far as to say that ‘all of the things it takes to make a relationship work are probably completely decimated by lack of sleep’. Therefore, sleep is paramount, not only to our health and wellbeing, but also for protecting our intimate relationships. With Night Caps, you can enjoy an easy and stress-free way to supplement your bedtime schedule (and help your partner to settle down too).

Just take two capsules a night, get cosy, and give your relationship the attention that it deserves. Your partner will thank you!