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5 Mind-Blowing Ways Sleep Can Help You Live Longer And Healthier

Want to know the best-kept secret to longevity and more youthful golden years? Get the right amount of sleep, science says.

Your body is an amazing machine that can do so much more than you might ever think. However, you can’t reach your full potential without recharging your batteries. That’s what makes sleep such a vital part of your everyday life! 

Did you know that most of us are likely to spend around one-third of our lives sleeping (if we’re lucky)? As a core function, sleeping is as essential as breathing, eating, drinking, and exercising. So if you ever lose your sleep over something (such as work deadlines, social media, or the latest TV series that everyone is raving about), you’ll know that the next day may not go as well as it could have done with a good night’s rest. 

While more studies are still needed to determine the exact amount of time we can survive without sleeping, it doesn’t take long before the effects of sleeplessness start to show. Generally, poor sleep habits may leave you feeling drowsy during the day with lower energy and even a shorter temper – which may interfere with your day-to-day activities (as well as your relationships). Most people struggle to think straight after three to four nights of not sleeping. In addition to that, some research suggests that serious sleep deprivation (sleeping less than five hours a night) may also lead to serious health problems in the long term.

Now that you’ve recognised the importance of sleeping well and consistently, you’re probably wondering: how exactly can sleep make me healthier and happier? While ageing is a fact of life, there are several ways to broaden your horizons. Can proper sleep help you live life to the fullest? Let’s find out.

Here are some surprising benefits of getting a full night’s rest, and why you may consider this essential habit as the true fountain of youth.  

1.Sleep Protects Your Mind And Body

The point of allowing your mind and body to slow down and switch off at night is not just to help you feel more refreshed the following day. Sleeping is also an essential way to give the cells within your organs and muscles enough time to naturally repair each night. As strange as it may sound, resting is actually a busy time for your internal systems. Your physical form may be in a complete relaxation mode, but inside your body is a bustling universe where various processes are at work in order to keep everything in tip-top shape. 

When your body receives the amount of sleep it needs, it becomes more capable of protecting itself during the day. With a stronger immune system, you’re more likely to fight off the flu, the common cold, or even signs of inflammation. 

Just as with a healthy body, you become more alert for the day with a well-rested mind. A 2018 study suggests that sleep deficiency may increase your risk of being involved in potentially fatal accidents, including car crashes triggered by tiredness. Some researchers have concluded that drivers who get less than five hours of sleep per night are two times more likely to get in an accident when compared to those who sleep for seven to nine hours. In summary, the possibility that sleep may influence your overall health (which, in turn, impacts your quality of life) is all down to the kind of rest you give your mind and body.

2.Proper Rest Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Weight

Spoiler alert: cruising on eight hours of sleep per night won’t instantly help you to get in shape. But it may offer some helpful benefits when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. 

Chronic sleep loss has been linked to excessive weight gain. In fact, some sleep experts suggest that people who don’t get enough rest tend to see greater increases in their weight than those who sleep well every night. To give you more of an idea, your body may overproduce ghrelin (a hunger hormone that stimulates appetite) whenever you lack sleep. It may also decrease your levels of leptin (a ‘fullness’ hormone that tells the brain you’ve had enough to eat). These hormonal processes may contribute to your appetite, making you feel more hungry and less satisfied (even after eating) when you’re tired. Also, lying awake all night means that there’s an increased opportunity for you to crave junk food.

Indeed, sleep is linked to various processes in your body and plays a role in your overall sense of balance. So if you’re trying to remain in good shape, the amount and quality of your sleep might be just as crucial as a healthy diet and regular exercise.

3.Sleep Is The Secret To Younger-Looking Skin

As we age, we start to feel more conscious about our own appearance. Some people go to great lengths and 20-step routines just to keep their skin youthful and glowy. However, expensive beauty products should not be your only option when it comes to skincare. It turns out one of the best (yet most neglected) ways to help your skin is as simple as lying down and getting some sleep. 

On the flip side, poor sleep is less likely to make you feel fresh-faced and beautiful. With just one night of sleeplessness, you may notice some immediate changes to your skin as soon as you wake up. For example, you might have a paler complexion, dark under-eye circles, and more wrinkles and fine lines. 

As we mentioned earlier, your body repairs itself when you sleep, and so does your epidermis! That’s the time your skin cells restore your natural collagen and repair damage from too much exposure to UV light and other toxins. So, think about the many visible signs of ageing that you may develop if you don’t give your skin the sleep it needs.

4.Sleeping Well Enhances Your Productivity

Getting things done is something that can make us feel alive. It somehow brings a sense of achievement that we can enjoy every time we get a chance to move, create better ideas, and accomplish important daily tasks. These activities that you normally do every day may turn into real challenges if you skimp on quality shut-eye. 

Sleep has been linked to concentration and other key brain functions, which may help you become more successful at work. Hence, even one restless night may interrupt your productivity levels. Your mind may feel so frazzled that it can’t think clearly. This saps your will to carry out even the lightest forms of physical activity. 

5.A Good Night’s Sleep Affects Your Mood and Life Span

Sleep problems can often be tied to symptoms of stress and depression. One person might feel stressed out after struggling through several sleepless nights, while another might have trouble sleeping as a result of everyday stresses. While exploring how these factors may affect each other, some experts have found that even minor sleep troubles may cause your mood to take a dip. That’s all down to your brain finding it harder to manage your emotions and remember things when you’re running low on sleep. Hence, mood swings can occur. 

A good night’s sleep may help increase your energy levels. And when you’re powered up, you may have a brighter outlook on life. In fact, according to a study on happiness and longevity, higher levels of optimism may lead to a longer life span. Instead of missing your window, why not take active measures to improve your sleep now – both your loved ones and your future self will thank you for it!

How To Make Your Sleep More Satisfying

We’re glad to spill the beans: our team uses natural sleeping capsules to help us prepare for a good night’s sleep. Here at Yawns, we’ve developed an exclusive and organic sleep supplement. Our Night Caps are full of natural ingredients, such as:

  • Ashwagandha powder (an ancient herb that might help to influence some stress symptoms, which may, in turn, affect sleep quality).
  • Valerian root powder (an organic extract that’s associated with premium sleep supplements, with some emerging evidence showing that it might help inspire relaxation and fewer sleep disturbances).
  • Black pepper powder (a famous spice that contains high concentrations of plant compounds, including piperine – a natural antioxidant that may assist in the sleep process and impact signs of stress).
  • Griffonia seed extract (a natural compound rich in 5-HTP – a naturally occurring amino acid that might influence your ‘happy’ hormone serotonin).

We’ve made sure that all these extracts are securely held within a transparent capsule that’s designed with clarity in mind. Each Night Cap contains 380 milligrams of Ashwagandha powder, 100 milligrams of Valerian root powder, 5 milligrams of Black pepper powder, and 20 milligrams of Griffonia seed extract. Taking two capsules per night may be a good place to start. If you’re feeling extra motivated, why not partner your supplement regime with a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and broader self-care ritual?