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When we’re not helping you sleep better, we’re learning everything we can about the power of rest. From fun facts to insightful information, read from our library to snooze smarter.

How To Put Overthinking To Rest Before You Go To Bed

It’s time to reclaim your precious sleep with a few gentle techniques to help distract your busy brain from overthinking at night. Many of us may occasionally experience difficulties sleeping. Some nights, you just can’t seem to keep your mind from agonising over a lot of things – until you find yourself stuck in a […]

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What Your Thoughts Before You Go To Bed Are Really Telling You (The Effects Are Astounding)

If you’re an overthinker and overworked, you can probably relate to that feeling you get when checking the clock, only to realise that the many hours you thought you had left in your day have already passed you by. Or the sinking feeling that arises at the end of a busy, stressful day when you […]

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The Ugly Truth About Why Poor Sleep Is Making You Less Attractive

We have all heard the saying about needing to rest to get our ‘beauty sleep’. Chances are, we may have underestimated just how true this concept is. Did you know that the amount of sleep we get each night determines how attractive we are to others? This article explains how and why poor sleep negatively […]

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Success Begins With A Good Night’s Sleep For Cristiano Ronaldo And Other Game-Changing Stars

It’s normal to be curious about celebrities from time to time. But have you ever considered that some of the most successful stars might have a common thread? Well, it turns out many famous people prioritise something that we all should: sleep. Some of today’s brightest stars recognise that a good night’s rest helps them […]

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How This Night Shift Worker Falls Asleep Within 10 Minutes Every Time (And You Can Too)

We all know how miserable it can be when you toss and turn in bed at night, unable to get off to sleep. We try desperately to fall asleep so that we aren’t exhausted the next morning. Ironically, the act of trying so hard to fall asleep can actually make us more anxious, and therefore […]

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Beat Menopause Misery And Sleep More Soundly With 3 Soothing Secrets

Menopause is something that women go through as a natural part of ageing. Unfortunately, many women suffer from unwanted symptoms as a result, and this often affects their capacity for a peaceful night’s sleep. So what exactly is menopause, and what are some of the common symptoms? More importantly, how can we fight them to […]

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Don’t Take Sleeping Pills Without Reading This First!

Falling asleep at night is a challenge for many of us. In fact, over one-third of adults in the UK have difficulties going to bed on a weekly basis. According to a study by Hannah Morphy and others, symptoms of insomnia may get worse with age. With people desperate for solutions, many of us consider […]

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6 Shocking Reasons Why Poor Sleep Is A Nightmare For Your Health

‘After sixteen hours of being awake, the brain begins to fail. Humans need more than sevenhours of sleep each night to maintain cognitive performance.’ Matthew Walker, Why We Sleep We all know how incredible a good night’s sleep can make us feel. But, unfortunately, many of us also know how bad it feels when we […]

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